We regularly advise on conservation matters – in fact, it’s a major area of our expertise. With 4,000 listed buildings or places in Jersey, it’s common for proposals to directly or indirectly affect the island’s heritage. We’ll work with you to develop plans that reflect your vision whilst respecting our historically sensitive buildings

Listed Buildings

We routinely design and deliver proposals that affect listed buildings.

For instance, we’ll help you submit a required Heritage Impact Assessment to the Planning Department to demonstrate that a proposal doesn’t harm the setting or fabric of any listed building. You can rely on us to navigate the intricate and often confusing planning laws, helping to take the stress out of the whole process.

Historic Buildings

Proposals often affect listed building or their settings, so they’ll be scrutinised more than changes to ordinary buildings.

The issues can be matters of principle or very subtle, seemingly minor changes. We understand this. That’s why we apply careful thought, explanation and presentation to gain approval in what is a more rigorous listed buildings process.

We apply a huge amount of attention to detail throughout the preparation stage, including additional detailed drawings to meet the requirements of the States of Jersey Historic Environment Team. This, combined with a good working relationship with the trades and contractors, increases our ability to realise your vision.

Listing Appeals

Whilst the Planning Department has largely completed a re-survey of the Island’s heritage assets, we can still assist with listing appeals.

In fact, we’ve helped many owners to remove the listing on their property, or down-grade proposed listings, where these were proven by our research and evaluation to be wrong. 

If you’ve been unable to engage in the re-surveying process and this has left you with an unreasonable listing affecting your property all may not be lost. In such circumstances, we may be able to bring new evidence to light to amend the existing listing in order that owners can be certain of what’s of heritage interest and what isn’t. This distinction can be crucial to understanding what alterations may be permitted in and around your listed property. 

Turn your property vision into reality