Gaining planning permission is where we excel. Our success is based on understanding how best to achieve your aims within the current planning framework and external influences. 

We submit entire planning application packages created and managed in-house. Alternatively, we’re instructed by other practices to contribute to, advise on, or project manage their proposals. 


We have years of experience preparing planning applications of all types and sizes, from small domestic alterations to mixed use schemes for substantial sites.

Applications for works to listed buildings require careful preparation and consideration, and additional detailed drawings to meet the requirements of the States of Jersey Historic Environment Team. We can take care of all of that, working directly with you, the client, or liaising with consultants.


We have a proud record of winning appeals on behalf of our clients. On your instruction, we’ll submit an appeal against the Planning Department or the Planning Committee’s decision to refuse a proposed development.

Our ability to argue against incorrect refusals is second to none. A thorough understanding of the planning law, case law, Island Plan policies and supplementary guidance – and how this can reasonably be interpreted – means we challenge decisions with confidence.

How it works

Jersey’s planning appeal system enables applicants and (subject to certain criteria) objectors to appeal against the refusal or the approval of planning permission.

Appeals are heard in public by an independent planning inspector from the UK. His recommendation to uphold or dismiss an appeal is confirmed or overturned by the Minister for the Environment. 

MS Planning will appeal on behalf of its clients and represent them at Appeal Hearings presided over by the Planning Inspector.

Island Plan

We represent landowners, businesses and key stakeholders at Inspectors’ Public Hearings.

Primarily, we act on behalf of landowners seeking to rezone their land to the Built-Up Area (presumption in favour of development) or for Affordable Housing. We successfully assisted three of the four landowners whose land was rezoned for housing during the last Island Plan review (2014).

How it works

The Island Plan directs development, in particular the location of housing, and sets out the zoning of land such as Green Zone and Built-Up Area that most Islanders are familiar with. It also sets policies for most types of development. Every ten years, or as necessary, the Island Plan is revised by the States of Jersey through recommendations of planning inspectors who devise the proposed policies and advise, crucially, what land should be re-zoned for housing.

Each review of the Island Plan goes through a public enquiry style process chaired by independent UK planning inspectors.  

MS Planning represents its many clients at the Examinations in Public presided over by the planning inspectors.

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